The Manufacturer

Corrosion Technologies Corporation is a fast-growing, Dallas based USA operation that was formed in February 1988 under the name of Corrosion Block, Inc. It was set up initially to import and distribute an anti-corrosion product for use throughout the general aviation industry. In July 1992, the company changed its name to Corrosion Technologies Corporation to reflect a broader range of endeavor; and, in November 1993, took on expanded operations as a manufacturer of a complete line of anti-corrosion products and equipment for aviation, marine, automotive, maintenance, industrial, household, agricultural and general purpose use. The brand names associated with these products are CorrosionX , CorrosionX Aviation, CorrosionX Heavy, CorrosionX For Guns, ReelX and SpeedX. Each very similar, all featuring the latest developments in Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology, yet unique in their designs for certain applications.

Marketing efforts and extensive distributor network have extended CorrosionX products into all segments of the marketplace at home and abroad. Established selected aviation maintenance facilities as CorrosionX Treatment Centers to offer corrosion treatments as a customer service.

Distributors for the CorrosionX and CorrosionX Heavy Duty family of products are expanding the customer base at a healthy rate, steadily increasing the number of retail establishments carrying the products and increasing availability to consumers throughout the United States and the world. Industrial sales are also on the rise, with Ingersoll-Rand, GTE, Raytheon, Master Lock, Rockwell Collins, York International, Caterpillar and Western Geophysical joining our “Significant User List”. And, the list continues to expand as increased emphasis is placed on the industrial market at all levels. CorrosionX is used extensively by the military and all products and application systems have been assigned National Stock Numbers and are available to any Federal Government agency through the General Services Administration (GSA).

As part of our commitment to the U.S. military’s corrosion prevention and control programs, in 2002, Corrosion Technologies developed a space age polymer coating to prevent jet turbine exhaust from damaging paint and causing corrosion on the aluminum skins on military aircraft. This product became known as RejeX for its ability to ‘reject’ contaminants like love bugs, acid rain, tree sap, hard water stains, UV and bird droppings from vehicle finishes. Today, RejeX can be found on vehicles ranging from the US Navy’s largest and most advanced surface ships, to corporate jets and Piper Cubs and from elite race cars, to RVs to soccer moms’ minivans.

In 2011, the company again expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the development of a range of industrial materials to clean and maintain concrete, asphalt, aviation and industrial and construction equipment.

Hot, new technology, commitment to quality and a no-nonsense, money-back guarantee have established the CorrosionX mark as one that can be trusted. Continual product improvement as well as development of other, specialized products enhance the reputation and assure the company’s continued growth and potential.

CorrosionX range of products has been distributed to the New Zealand, the Pacific and Australasian markets since 1997 by Aeroflight Holdings Limited, trading as CorrosionX New Zealand. A name change to Fluid Technologies International Limited was established to better associate the increased Corrosion Technologies product ranges.