Starting with the CorrosionX formula, we’ve added exotic ingredients to optimize CorrosionX for the specific use.

ReelX™ is the new, high tech, extreme pressure lubricant that stops and prevents wear, corrosion and rust. It contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids. So it won’t gum up. it outperforms all other lubricants, displaces moisture and won’t harm monofilament.

  • Improves Reel Performance
  • Stops and prevents Rust and Corrosion

The ultimate lubricant for fishing reels and the choice of top reel manufacturers worldwide. ReelX provides the same corrosion protection as CorrosionX while keeping reels optimally lubricated for longer, smoother casts.

CorrosionX - I have been using CorrosionX and ReelX for the past few years both on the job and in my hobbies. They are the best lubricants and rust preventative I have ever used. They save me time and money, and they make life a little easier. Thank you.

Joseph B - USA
ReelX -I try every new product for my fishing gear that comes along and am usually disappointed-until now. ReelX is, without a doubt, the best lubricant and protectant I have ever used. Its performance on stainless steel bearings in saltwater is truly amazing. With ReelX, my casts are dramatically longer, gears run quieter and smoother and corrosion is no longer a problem.

Bill Mosseller, Captain, Guide and Consultant to the Industry