Handi SprayHandi-Spray™ Treatment Systems

For the application of CorrosionX Aviation, CorrosionX, CorrosionX Heavy Duty and other liquids

The Handi-Spray application systems are designed to atomize CorrosionX into an incredibly fine, smoke-like fog. Fine atomization, so that the product stays suspended in the air, is important for achieving the most cost-effective and thorough application. When properly fogged into an enclosed area like a wing, the suspended CorrosionX will entirely fill the enclosed area putting a light coating of the product on everything. This allows CorrosionX to go around blind corners, to treat the back sides of spars and to penetrate into lap seams and other areas that cannot be sprayed directly. Although oversspraying and saturating an airframe will usually not cause any damage, it will cause CorrosionX to drip and weep for longer than it needs to (not to mention wasting money by using excess product).

The Handi-Spray systems will spray CorrosionX Heavy Duty nicely, but they are not able to atomize Heavy Duty as it is too thick to “fog”.

Available in 3 Sizes to suit your appliation:-handi-spray-5-gallon

5 gallon Handi-Spray™ system
Required Air Pressure: 80 PSI @ 5 – 6 CFM
Capacity: 5 gallons
Weight: 28 lbs
Hose: 25′
Color: Blue
2.5 gallon Handi-Spray™ system
Required Air Pressure: 80 PSI @ 5 – 6 CFM
Capacity: 2.5 gallons
Weight: 22 lbs
Hose: 10′
Color: Blue
Handi-Spray™ Belt Pak system
Includes sprayer, web belt and holster
Required Air Pressure: 80 PSI @ 5 – 6 CFM  Capacity: 1 quart
Weight: 7 lbs
Hose: 3′

Application of CorrosionX using the Handi-Spray system

Job showing how to treat an airplane (or any other machine or vehicle for that matter) using CorrosionX and the CorrosionX Handi-Spray

• The only foggable corrosion prevention and control product that is both recommended by the Joint Council on Aging Aircraft and meets the current Mil Spec for corrosion prevention and water displacement on airframes (MIL-PRF-81309F) • Unique Polar Bonding formula seeks out and passivates any metal surface that can oxidize. Unlike common corrosion inhibitors, CorrosionX will actually “kill” existing corrosion and keep any new corrosion from forming.

The electronics shop said my Furuno radar unit was salt damaged and beyond repair and a new $1600.00 circuit board would be required. The old board was streaked with salt deposits and the plating and terminals were black with corrosion. That night my daughter and I scrubbed all the boards with a toothbrush and CorrosionX. The next morning after reassembly and installment, the radar performed like new!

William D. Bryant - Vero Beach, FL