CorrosionX For GunsCorrosionX for Guns


  • Cuts through stubborn bore deposits for easier, more thorough cleaning.
  • Decreases fouling, even after hundreds or thousands of rounds.
  • Lubricates mechanisms, bores and ammunition better and longer than even products fortified with Teflon.
  • Ideal for semiautomatics and automatics

CorrosionX For Guns is now available in a 4 oz. (113.4g) plastic bottle, with an applicator tip that’s ideal for firearms. It’s easier than ever to apply the product, and get maximum protection and performance.

Polar Bonding is THE KEY to CorrosionX For Guns Performance! Unlike ordinary cleaners, oils and greases, molecules of CorrosionX For Guns form a magnetic attachment with metal.

  • Swab a dirty bore with CorrosionX For Guns, and it will work its way through contaminants to reach the metal, lifting them off the surface for easy removal with a patch. Leave a very light coat of the product all over the weapon; it will prevent rust between uses, and make it even easier to clean next time.
  • 4.1.1Competitive .22 calibre pistol shooters say that cleaning and lubricating with CorrosionX For Guns increases their time between jams from 200 – 300 rounds to 1,500 rounds or more.
  • Law Enforcement personnel report that a light coat of CorrosionX For Guns in the bore keeps the barrel cooler longer, and even improves accuracy and consistency. They treat their ammunition, as well as their weapons, with a very small amount of the product applied to the bullets with a slightly-dampened patch.
  • Because CorrosionX For Guns bonds to the metal it contacts, it’s less likely to “sling off” semiautomatic and automatic actions, making it an excellent replacement for messy greases.
  • CorrosionX For Guns is ideal for valuable and collectible weapons. It protects them from rust; it won’t hurt metal finishes, in fact, it enhances their appearance. And it won’t attract dust or dirt.
  • It’s also a great lubricant and rust preventative for reloading processes and equipment. Just be sure CorrosionX For Guns doesn’t infiltrate primers.
CorrosionX For Guns - I do not know how far I would have been able to push that gun, but after 500 rounds of lead match ammo, the action was quite clean and the gun was still running smoothly.  CorrosionX, obviously, does not trap firing residue within the gun. It is superior to any other lubricant I have ever used for .22-rimfire actions. In fact, I was pretty much astonished at its performance!

Chris Christian, Gunworld Magazine USA
CorrosionX For Guns - As a penetrating agent, CorrosionX is remarkable. The manufactuer reports incidents where its application has freed the frozen actions of guns that have laid for weeks in the soaking ruins of building fires. That’s pretty extreme!

Dick Metcalf - Shooting Times Magazine