New Zealand Feedback


Dear Martyn,

When you demonstrated CorrosionX to us I said that if your product could get a corroded circuit board working again, we would buy it. It did, and we did, and I can say that I am very pleased that we did.

The use of CorrosionX on our microphone unit has proven to be a big success. These units are only splash proof, but a generous coating of CorrosionX-HD has enabled us to use them under water.

I am giving all connectors we use a coating of CorrosionX-HD when I assemble them. As well as giving all surfaces protection from salt water, it has the added advantage of lubricating the cable jackets and making the assembly easier. We are using IP66/IP68 rated connectors, but I feel happier with the protection offered by CorrosionX.

I also found it useful for cleaning the track of a volume pot in my radio. It got rid of all the “dead spots” and crackling noise when adjusting the volume.

Geo-Comms™ is a more reliable product through the use of CorrosionX, and I can recommend its use to anyone who has a corrosion problem, or even noisy hinges!

Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful product.

Best regards

David Matthews


Ports of Auckland Ltd.
Plant Services.

Dear Martyn

Just reporting I have had some excellent results using Corrosion X.

There was a mobile radio completely water damaged. 1 took it apart and sprayed Corrosion X onto the logic boards and PA stage, waited for about 10 minutes and re-assembled the radio. When rf checks were performed on the radio it was on spec and it worked.

1 have also used it on microphone inputs and other electronic equipment.

We definitely must order some more, it’s magic.


Allan Sonnekus
Radio Technician
Ports Of Auckland Ltd.


New Zealand Fishing News Magazine

I was at the Samoa International gamefishing Tournament when an American guy introduced himself to me, thrusting a container at me with the words “This is the only anti-corrosion lubricant you will ever need”.

Listening to his spiel I thought if this ‘stuff’ was half as good as my American friend was claiming then it must be a mighty fine product.

And it has turned out to be. It was suggested this product, one of several in a similar range, was ideal not only for fishing tackle and firearms but would revive electronics affected by salt water and enable nuts and bolts locked up by rust to be unscrewed.

The first meeting was last October. I immediately went home and sprayed a shotgun whose barrels were prone to rust in the gun cupboard despite the occasional wipe with Stevens gun oil. The shotgun was forgotten about until early April and with duck shooting imminent was bought out of hiding… and not a speck of rust!

For opening weekend more CorrosionX was applied which protected the metal parts from dust, dirt and water. It is claimed CorrosionX is particularly suitable for the moving parts of a semi-auto shotgun.

Late last year a staff member gave me an ancient Penn reel to do up. Many of the internal parts were seized solid or badly affected by corrosion. The reel was about to be thrown away when I got it. The star drag was seized and internally it was a sick puppy, the spool barely able to be turned. A heavy dose of CorrosionX and a day later it was functioning again. It still needed a great deal of work to clean it up but at least it was turning freely.

I have used it to preserve a variety of fishing tackle from roller guides on rods, reels and even preserving a brand of hook prone to rusting. A set of pliers had accidentally been left in the bilges of the boat. On retrieval they could not be opened despite my best efforts in the workshop. Coverage with CorrosionX and hey presto, the pliers were working freely.

Likewise the volume and squelch knobs on the boat’s VHF had been badly affected by corrosion to the point they were frozen in the one position. Scared to put too much leverage on them with a set of vice-grips I gave then a liberal dosing of CorrosionX and a couple of hours later bingo they could be adjusted with a simple twist of my fingers.

The product’s claim to be able to revive equipment after immersion in salt water seemed a big call, even after seeing CorrosionX at work in other ways.

My neighbour is a senior manager in the Port of Auckland’s maintenance section where they have been having trouble with the small portable radios used by the crane drivers to stay in communication with the men on the ground. He had seen literally dozens affected by the salt laden atmosphere.

I had told him about the product and he call in the New Zealand distributor to demonstrate CorrosionX. The backs were taken off the “Dead” radios and sprayed with CorrosionX. A short time later they were working again.

Overseas advertising features a television sprayed with CorrosionX and then placed in a tank of water where it continued to go quite happily.

There is a great deal of technological material explaining why CorrosionX works. To me it is immaterial, all that I know is that it does work and in eight months I have put it to a wide number of uses and it has never failed me yet.

Mr Grant Dixon
Editor New Zealand Fishing News Magazine


Hi Martyn

In response to your query, I have applied CorrosionX to a broad range of fishing tackle and home appliances. Haven’t yet had a chance to put any reels to the test, but I am very pleased with the feel of them.

Also found CorrosionX marvellous in freeing up a small ball bearing race in a fly tying dubbing twirler that had “gunked” up following treatment a year or two ago with another well known lubricant.

Most pleasing result, however, was at a totally mundane domestic level. A tap had seized up to the point where the handle could scarcely be turned. As a last resort prior to major surgery I took the cover off and zapped the shaft lightly with CorrosionX, so the oil could seep down into the inner workings.

An hour or so later it was working as smooth as silk. Hardly a high-tech test, but a very impressive and satisfying outcome.

A couple of other taps are about to get the treatment, and a several locks have shown marked improvement following a touch of CorrosionX.

I realise these modest efforts hardly compare with such dramatic events as the examples of CorrosionX induced electronic resuscitation mentioned in your literature, but I am a happy customer nevertheless.


Jim Greeks


Hi Martyn

I just wanted to email you and give you some remarkable feedback regarding my experience with CorrosionX. You may possibly remember that you sold me a handful of cans last year which I shared around our local group of radio control aircraft enthusiasts. Well last weekend the inevitable happened. I was flying my 2m electric powered r/c glider off the back of a boat in Foveaux Strait when I became unsighted and the aircraft ended up diving into the sea (my own foolish mistake). It was a good 6-7 minutes before we were able to retrieve it, so it had a pretty good soaking in sea water. All the electronics were soaked through – the radio receiver, the servos, speed controller, FPV electronics, and electric motor all came out saturated.

Of course, I had pre-treated all the electronics with CorrosionX before taking to the sea. I let everything dry out over the week, and today I reassembled the components and plugged in the battery to see if anything could be salvaged. Quite remarkably, every single component immediately sprung into life and started working as if nothing had happened!  I might had expected this in fresh water, but I had no expectation that CorrosionX would offer this sort of protection in salt water. A quick calculation indicates that CorrosionX has saved me about $300 in replacement electronics. I’m suitably impressed!

Thanks once again for your assistance in supplying these to me. I’d happily buy more, but one of those cans seems to last forever!


Stephen Voss