In 2011, Corrosion Technologies again expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the development of a range of industrial materials to clean and maintain concrete, asphalt, aviation and industrial and construction equipment.

A number of products have been developed with an eye toward providing top performance from environmentally responsible formulations. Our cleaners, degreasers and coatings were developed not merely to clean, but to also protect equipment from corrosion and the environment in which they operate.

Additional Industrial Products are available, more to be added as demand dictates.

Concrete Industry

Corrosion Technologies wrote the book when it comes to controlling rust and corrosion. They have taken than same leading edge approach and applied it not only to the removal of rust, but to the removal of dried concrete as well.

Complete line of materials to clean and maintain concrete equipment.

Sand Blast –
 in about 15 minutes concrete is converted into a sand-like substance for safe and easy removal from Ready Mix trucks and other concrete equipment. This revolutionary product contains no harsh acids and does not give off fumes. Unlike traditional acid-based concrete removers, Sand Blast will not harm paint, rubber or plastic and it will not cause metal to rust. This is the safest and gentlest concrete remover in the industry. Safe on aluminium.

Knockout 100 – For the toughest jobs, the most powerful technology developed for the removal of concrete. Although it is safe on most common materials such as iron, steel, plastic, rubber and vinyl, Knockout 100 quickly eats through thicker accumulations of dried concrete.

Asphalt Industry

Approximately 330,000 people in the U.S. are employed by the asphalt industry. Asphalt companies can range from small, driveway-paving operations to multimillion dollar construction companies that produce and place asphalt on roads, highways, airport runways, parking lots and much more.

Corrosion Technologies’ award-winning research and development team have expanded our line of industrial materials to service the asphalt industry. By developing leading edge products such as environmentally responsible asphalt releases, cleaners and removers.

Product Summary


CorrosionXUse CorrosionX where you want corrosion control without a messy wax coating. A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, generator sets and engines two or three times a year will keep them looking like new — even in saltwater conditions.

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CorrosionX HD

CorrosionX Heavy DutyCorrosionX Heavy Duty is for super long-term protection against serious rust and corrosion assault. For those really tough jobs where you need the ultimate protection against moisture, the answer is new CorrosionX Heavy Duty.

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Bio Slide

Sand Blast-new3BIO SLIDE is a premium quality, all-natural, biodegradeable form oil that facilitates easy removal of concrete structures from forms while minimizing voids, bug holes and form build-up.

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Sili Spray

Sand Blast-new3Sili-Spray is a product designed to repel concrete, mortar, grout, gunite and paint. Its function is to make clean-up quick and easy. Sili-Spray bonds electrostatically to both painted and unpainted surfaces.

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Xtreme Clean

Xtreme CleanXtreme Clean is an all-purpose, water soluble, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, heavy duty cleaning concentrate and degreaser for jobs of all kinds.

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CorrosionX Rust Remover

Rust RemoverCorrosionX Rust Remover is a breakthrough in the nonhazardous removal of unwanted rust. Rust Remover eliminates surface rust from iron and steel without harmful fumes. It will not harm copper, brass, plastic, rubber or vinyl. It is also safe to use on painted surfaces for removal of ‘bleeding’ rust.

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MaXWaxMax Wax is a tough, synthetic wax-based, resilient corrosion inhibitor barrier coating that provides long-term protection for metal surfaces. Excellent for protecting underwater cables, submersible pumps and running gear on ocean going vessels.

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CorrosionX • Prevents and stops corrosion, as well as displaces moisture, salt crystals, and other corrosion-causing electrolytes. • Lubricates under heavy loads and high temperatures. • Penetrates faster & further than other Penetrates through rust and corrosion. • Frees parts, bearings and valves that are seized. • Creates a self-healing, dielectric film. • Electronically safe. Will not short sensitive circuits or interfere with electrical connections. • Cleans contact points and improves connectivity. • Prevents and eliminates battery terminal corrosion.

CorrosionX Heavy Duty • High performance, thick-film version of CorrosionX provides a super long-term protection against rust. • Was developed specifically to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion and resulting rust and corrosion. • Will slowly penetrate existing rust and corrosion, remove moisture and stop electrolysis, while sealing out moisture. • CorrosionX Heavy Duty forms a dripless, dynamic, non-hardening, self-healing film that stubbornly resists erosion by splash or spray, including the complete submersion in saltwater. • Unlike wax-based coatings, it will not dry out, stiffen, or crack under stress.

CorrosionX - Due to its extraordinary dielectric properties, CorrosionX can be applied to all battery terminals, terminal strips, ignition switches, electrical connectors, circuit breakers, fuse holders, light switches, light sockets, electrical plugs, blower motors and fans to protect them from corrosion, extend their life and keep them working reliably.

Corrosion Technologies Corporation
CorrosionX - The electronics shop said my Furuno radar unit was salt damaged and beyond repair and a new $1600.00 circuit board would be required. The old board was streaked with salt deposits and the plating and terminals were black with corrosion. That night my daughter and I scrubbed all the boards with a toothbrush and CorrosionX. The next morning after reassembly and installment, the radar performed like new!

William D. Bryant - Vero Beach, FL